cadet spotlights


"Over my past two years in AFROTC, I have learned the true value of being a good leader. I have learned that leadership comes with an enormous amount of responsibility. Most importantly, I have learned that leadership is not about you or me as individuals, rather its about everyone else and inspiring the group to do their best." - C/1C Marianna Marvelle

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"ROTC has enabled me to operate in a driven environment, surrounded by people who are united by a common goal. I leave every training with a sense of accomplishment— with real-life applications for the skills I have acquired."" - C/3C Sophia Cancio

Cadet Cancio was the Cadet in Charge on our flagship trip to Washington D.C. The goal of this trip was to expose a handful of cadets to our Nation’s capital. They visited the White House and the Pentagon, and they traveled for free because of an amazing donation given to Det 060.


"Within the first two years of my AFROTC experience, I had the pleasure to study abroad and begin learning Chinese without any prior experience. Through a program called Project Global Officer (Project GO), I had the opportunity to explore and attend Boston University located in Boston, Massachusetts as well as Fudan University located in Shanghai, China. Words cannot express how thankful I am for these once in a lifetime opportunities." - C/1C Josh Byun


"AFROTC creates a learning environment for students in which they are challenged to find motivation beyond their degree and use it to accomplish things far past the scope of the average student. From homework and studying to organizing community events and leading the wing, being in the program enriches a student's life with an unparalleled degree of fulfillment." - C/2C Colin Creasman