washington d.c. trip

Our AS200 class had an opportunity to visit our nation’s seat of government gaining a profound effect on their commitment to becoming the future leaders of our military. They were able to connect to our heritage by visiting the memorials and historical places in the area, as well take a tour of the Pentagon, the Department of Defense’s main headquarters, and meet with their assigned Congressman. Other destinations include tours around the White House, Capitol Hill, the National Archives, Arlington Memorial and the Library of Congress.

project global officer

Project Global Officer is a Department of Defense program aimed at enhancing the language capabilities and intercultural communication skills of future military officers. The U.S. institutions of higher education provide language and culture training to ROTC students from across the nation by funding domestic and overseas ROTC language programs and scholarships.

u.s. air force academy soaring

The USAFA Soaring program is the largest glider operation in the world. This program provides cadets an understanding of basic aviation by providing them an experience in the TG10B. Flights in the TG10B glider familiarize them with aircraft controls, airfield procedures, and the fundamentals of flight in an unpowered aircraft.

u.s. air force academy freefall

The USAFA Freefall Program is a physically and mentally demanding course that introduces cadets to freefall parachuting. Students are exposed to a challenging environment that requires a rigorous ground school training course taught by cadet Jumpmasters of the USAFA Parachute Team. They learn basic parachuting procedures and develop the confidence necessary to complete five unassisted freefall skydives from 4,500 ft AGL.

ops air force

Operations Air Force (Ops AF) is a two-week summer program planned and executed in partnership with the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA). This program orients cadets to Air Force missions and culture through direct exposure to and experience with Air Force operational units.