Start your journey ahead of the game! This checklist is intended as a guideline of items required for new cadets. This list is subject to change. All required items will be briefed at New Student Orientation. It is essential to arrive prepared and with a professional appearance every day of ROTC training.

DRESS & materials

New cadets are typically issued uniforms after their first semester in the program. Before receiving uniforms (Physical Training Uniform, Airman Battle Uniform, Short Sleeve Blues, and Service Dress), cadets are expected to attend training in the following attire:

Leadership laboratory


  • Navy blue or back polo (tucked in at all times)

    • Males wear a white v-neck shirt underneath, which should not be seen

    • A small logo on the polo may be visible

  • Khaki pants (females, relaxed straight or bootcut styles are appropriate)

  • Black belt

  • Black digital watch

  • Black dress shoes with laces tucked in

    • Dress shoes without laces are acceptable

    • Must be able to be shined

  • Tall black dress socks

    *Note: Jeans may be required for leadership laboratories/simulated field training exercises. Make sure you have a pair of appropriate (loose or bootcut) jeans for these occasions.


  • Black, unmarked backpack with straps tied so that they do not hang

  • Clear water bottle

  • Black 1” 3-ring binder

  • Black pocket size notebook

  • Black pen

physical training


  • Plain gray t-shirt, tucked in

  • Black basketball shorts

    • Black compression shorts worn underneath

  • Black digital watch

  • White ankle socks

  • Any color running shoes with laces tucked in


  • Clear water bottle


Leadership laboratory


  • Fresh shave (anything that can be seen above the neckline of the shirt must be hair-free)

  • Hair cannot exceed 1¼ inch in bulk, regardless of length and ¼ inch at a natural termination point

  • Hair should be tapered/faded on the back and side of the head

  • Hair will not touch the ears or protrude under the cover

  • Hair will end in a straight line at the back of the neck

  • Sideburns cannot exceed the bottom opening of the ear


  • Hair secured in a tight bun with no loose ends (try a sock bun or braided bun)

  • Natural hair color

  • Short hair may not be longer than the bottom side of the collar

  • Hair above cannot exceed 3 inches in bulk (this includes thick braids anywhere except the bun)

  • Nails will be a natural-looking color or french tip

  • Hair accessories must match the natural hair color with the exception of black hair accessories, which can be worn with any hair color

  • Makeup should be natural to existing complexion.

  • If earrings are worn, there will be one in each ear. Only small-conservative pearls or diamond-looking gems are permitted.

physical training


  • Same standards apply


  • Hair must be secured but may have loose ends (ponytails are acceptable)