1. Enroll

Students may enroll as a full-time student (at least 12 credits per semester) or part-time student. All USC or crosstown schools (all junior and 4-yr universities in the LA, Ventura, and Orange county area) are eligible to apply. *Only full-time students will be eligible to compete for scholarships once in the program. Students do not require a scholarship to join AFROTC.

2. register for llab & as class (Training)

Currently enrolled USC students may register themselves for the required AFROTC class(es). Refer to the Sol Price School of Public Policy to register for the correct courses.

If you are joining during the fall semester and have 4 years of college remaining, you must register for one Aerospace Studies class AND Leadership Laboratory (typically held from 0700-0900 on Fridays).

Please direct registration questions to Agnes.Orudzhyan@rotc.usc.edu

NOTE: Students with a High school scholarship program (HSSP) scholarship & completed DODMERB may skip to step 5.

3. afrotc application

All cadets must submit a completed an AFROTC application. Applications are submitted online through the Holm Center webpage.  You are required to download the Application Guide and follow the step-by-step instructions on account creation and application completion.

4. processing

Ensure your application has been received and start your processing here at USC by register at this website under the new student orientation section. If you are within 2 weeks of NSO, also follow up with an email to afrotcdet060@rotc.edu to ensure you receive any updates.

You must bring/complete the following items and documents when you attend NSO or a separate scheduled appointment:

  • Birth/Naturalization Certificate (Original)

  • Social Security Card (Original)

  • Proof of Jr. ROTC or Civil Air Patrol Experience (If applicable)

  • High School/College Transcripts (Copy)

  • SAT/ACT Scores (If applicable)

  • Private Pilot License (If applicable)

  • Selective Service Number (males 18 and above only (www.sss.gov))

  • Completed Sports Physical (AFROTC Form 28)

  • DD 214 (If Prior enlisted)

  • Official Mail Memo (Upload to application website)

  • Emergency Data card, DD FM 93 (Upload to application website)

  • Mail Access Authorization Release (Upload to application website)

  • Release of Student Records (Upload to application website)

  • Drug Demand Reduction Release (Upload to application website)

  • Privacy Act Statement- Healthcare Records, DD FM 2005 (Upload to application website)

5. new student orientation (NSO)

If you intend on starting AFROTC here at USC, you must attend New Student Orientation at the beginning of the semester. Click here for details.